Do We Really Need Dads?

Sometimes media and society seem to say that dads don’t really matter. This Father’s Day, learn what social science has to say about why we need dads!

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Video: Change Your Heart, Not Your Kids

Have you ever been frustrated with your children when they don't help or clean up after themselves? Are you tired of nagging them to pick up their mess? You're not alone! Dr. Tim teaches that how parents see their children matters more in these situations than how the...

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Story of My Life: Connecting the Generations

No, this is not an article about your favorite band, One Direction. Sorry to disappoint. 🙂 But keep reading, and you’ll see why the title is quite appropriate. Who Do You Know? How much do you know about your parents? Your grandparents? I know you probably grew up...

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Are Your Children Learning or Simply Getting Grades?

This is a big year for my family as we have all four children in school. Eleanor, (age 5) in particular started Kindergarten. She was so dang excited! Several times a day for a couple of weeks she would ask, “Does school start tomorrow?” Not too long before this, my...

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Is Your 5-year-old Teaching Others About Sex?

Did you know that the strongest and most consistent predictor of children’s mental health, adjustment, happiness, and well-being is the level of involvement of their parents in their life? Children with involved parents are also more likely to share if they have been exposed to pornography or if someone has touched them inappropriately.

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Don’t Be THAT Parent: Why Criticism is So Dangerous

We’ve all seen that parent at our child’s games: “DON’T DROP THE BALL!” “CONCENTRATE!” “QUIT MAKING MISTAKES!”

Look, I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m going to guess that this child wasn’t trying to perform poorly in front of his family and peers. Is it possible that we too may be guilty of over-criticizing our children?

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