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Podcast 3: Femininity and Masculinity Do Not Determine Gender

In this podcast, Dr. Tim tackles tough questions from our followers about helping children become secure in their gender. Too often we think that a boy shouldn’t like pink or girls shouldn’t use power tools. That has more to do with culture than science. If we understand objective science and why preferences exist among the different sexes, we can be more informed on how to lead and guide in a gender-confused world.

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Podcast 2: Feel it, don’t fix it! The Power of Empathy

Because of our own upbringing, many of us are trained to fix problems–especially emotional problems. But research has been telling us for many years that children need empathy; they need to be understood and taught how to understand their own feelings. Only then can they be empowered to solve their own problems. If you or your children struggle with emotional regulation, then this podcast is for you!

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Podcast 1: Unmet Marital Expectations

In this first “What’s Up Doc?” Podcast Dr. Rob responds to a woman’s question regarding unmet expectations in marriage. Further he addresses the difficult challenge of working past painful “hurts” that sometimes arise within marriage.

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