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How the Soulmate Myth Can Harm Your Marriage

The “soul mate myth” is a well beloved myth indeed. Those that hold this expectation generally believe that there is one, and only one, right person to marry – their soul mate.

The idea of a soul mate is quite a romantic notion and has been the plot of countless cherished books and movies. But, please pay attention to me – this myth is incredibly dangerous. Let me explain!

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Have I Failed as a Parent?

Most people have strongly held beliefs about talent, ability, brains, and accomplishment. And most people are wrong about it. Most of what we know about self-esteem, intelligence, work ethic, motivation, and failure is flawed or downright false.

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Is Sugar Hurting Your Marriage?

    Is sugar hurting your marriage? It was trying to harm mine! Do you have a sweet-tooth? Do your breakfast cereals come in two varieties (pre-sweetened and “post-sweetened”)? Can you sometimes relate a bit too easily to the “Buddy the Elf diet”? I had such...

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Can I Punish Character into My Child?

Teachers and parents assume that clever consequences will change their child for the better and teach the intended lesson. Research and life experience tells us that this is simply not true. If what we really hope for is the formation of morals (a knowledge of right and wrong) and character (the part of us that dictates our desires, thoughts, and actions) then we need to discipline (root word disciple) in ways that are consistent with our long term goals for our children.

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